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Recent news from the blog

Small Business September

During Small Business September 50 free workshops will be held all around Australia.  Our business coach, Steven Rouget who has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Australia Wide I.T. is hosting one of these workshops in Ringwood on the 22nd September.  If you’ve never worked with a business coach before this […]

Proper use of the ‘My Documents’ folder

A discussion that comes up quite often with our customers is the proper use of the ‘My Documents’ folder, or in later versions of Windows abbreviated to ‘Documents’.  There are a few simple rules that if followed simplify life for users and IT administrators alike.  Note that these rules only apply to networks where there […]

Why fixed price I.T. services are a game changer

How much should you be paying for professional I.T. services? One of the most common complaints outsourced I.T. service providers receive is “your service is just too dear”.  People often question how I.T. professionals justify hourly rates of $150 or more, our usual response used to be ‘When you hire our services for one hour […]

The three rules of backup

People often ask me if their backup systems are adequate and I always respond the same way. If you follow these three rules your data will be safe- 1. You must backup ALL of your data 2. You must backup your data as often as it changes (for most people this means daily) 3. You […]

The benefits of Cloudflare

A little over one year ago we moved all of our client’s DNS hosting services to the Cloudflare platform, we did this for two reasons, firstly we needed a more reliable DNS hosting platform and more importantly we wanted to give our customers greater protection against DDoS attacks.  12 months on and we couldn’t be […]

Australia Wide I.T. achieves Microsoft Silver Partner status

We are very pleased to announce that we have recently been awarded Silver Partner status by Microsoft.  This partnership reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their businesses.  To earn a Microsoft silver competency, partners must successfully demonstrate expertise through rigorous exams, culminating in Microsoft certifications. And to ensure […]